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About Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik – UNESCO World Heritage site is City of great historical achievements in the fields of literature, arts, diplomacy and science.

It is the only croatian city in which the word “city“ is written with a capital C. Although surrounded by walls, Dubrovnik has been always wide open to the world, especially in embracing of new and progressive ideas, cultural exchanges or religious tolerances. Throughout its history Dubrovnik has always been a meeting point of various nations, cultures and religions, and served as a link between diverse and sometimes warring empires and civilizations. Despite its small size, Dubrovnik managed to sustain its autonomy and economic prosperity throughout the centuries as a result of strategic use of diplomacy, skilled trade, and highly developed seamanship. Evidence of this can be found in the vast cultural and historical heritage, which has helped Dubrovnik secure the status of a world-known brand. Nowadays this power of historical legacy can be felt in every place of this beautiful City, and serves as the perfect background for numerous cultural, professional and scientific events. For instance, the main cultural event “Dubrovnik Summer Festival“ is held annually, and the City is also the venue not only for world tourist congresses, but for various scientific, scholarly and literary conferences as well. Dubrovnik – City of glorious past, dynamic present and bright future will surely fascinate you during your stay, and will inspire you to come over and over again.

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